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2023-2024: Fully Funded Barrak Obama Foundation Scholarship

Do you know the next Obama Foundation Scholar? Columbia World Projects is accepting nominations for the 2023–2024 Obama Foundation Scholars Program.

The Obama Foundation Scholars program is a year-long, full-time program that runs from August to May. Scholars will be required to participate in certain online tasks before flying to New York, but these tasks do not need full-time dedication.

The Obama Foundation Scholars Program seeks to support dynamic, collaborative, rising leaders worldwide in an innovative one-year academic experience.

About the Award:

Obama Organization Columbia World Projects, a new project in which teachers and researchers from Columbia will collaborate with governing bodies, charities, the corporate sector, and multilateral organizations to develop practical answers to real-world problems, will involve scholars from the university. The program will also make use of the special engagement possibilities that come with being in New York City and at one of the most significant research institutes in the world.

Columbia World Projects is home to Obama Foundation Scholars. This new effort intends to systematically disseminate university knowledge into the world in the form of initiatives that will deepen research and scholarship as well as have a profound and long-lasting beneficial influence on people’s lives and help find answers to seemingly insoluble situations. The academic year will include CWP programs for scholars.

Throughout the course of the year, scholars will be required to participate in a variety of events run by the Obama Foundation. At the end of the program, Scholars will take part in Obama Foundation events and play a part in the larger international Obama Foundation network once they return to the nations and areas where they operate.

During their time in the program, scholars are not allowed to keep working in their current jobs. In this full-time program, active and involved involvement are essential for producing a memorable experience.

NOTE: The program will also take advantage of the unique opportunities for engagement that come with being at one of the world’s most important centers of research and in the city of New York.

After completing the program, Obama Foundation Scholars return to the areas where they have been working and continue their path of service, strengthened by their experience. The program’s goal is to assist Obama Foundation Scholars in applying the contacts and abilities they develop during the program for the benefit of their communities, nations, and regions. After the program is over, we anticipate the Obama Foundation Scholars will continue to work with the organization.

ALSO: We anticipate that when the program is over, Obama Foundation Scholars will continue to work with the organization.


Masters, Training

Value of Award: 
  • Monthly stipend to assist with living expenses in New York City
  • furnished studio apartment within walking distance of Columbia University, if the program is able to convene in person
  • All tuition and fees for up to four courses at Columbia University
  • Basic medical, dental and life insurance for the duration of the program in New York City, if the program is able to convene in person
  • Air travel to and from home country and any program-related activities, if the program is able to convene in person
  • Leadership development programming led by the Obama Foundation will help scholars gain the real-world skills, tools and experiences to expand the impact of their work when they return home

The Obama Foundation Scholars Program at Columbia University seeks rising leaders from around the world who meet the following criteria:

  • Have a proven commitment to service and leadership within a community, region or country outside the United States, coupled with a demonstrated commitment to return to these communities following their completion of the program and apply their enhanced training, skills and connections on a long-term basis for the benefit of these communities
  • Are emerging leaders who have made meaningful contributions to their field and are now at a “tipping point” in their careers
  • Are fluent in English (verbal, written and spoken)
  • Have the ability and inclination to shape the future of their community positively
  • Have a demonstrated commitment to humility, integrity, inclusivity, stewardship, fearlessness, imagination and teamwork
Number of Awards: 

Not specified

Duration of Program: 

1 year

Please note the following:
  • Nominating a candidate does not increase their chances of being selected for the program and multiple nominations of the same candidate will not increase their chances of being accepted.
  • Applicants do not have to be nominated to apply.
  • You may complete this form more than once if you know more than one candidate who meets the eligibility requirements.
  • Please do not nominate yourself. If you are interested in being considered for the program, please complete and submit an application.
  • Those running for public office during the program year are ineligible to apply.
How to Apply: 

We’re now accepting applications from eligible and qualified candidates. Please click here for 2023 program guidelines.

It is important to read through the Obama Foundation Scholars Webpage, the FAQ as well as the Columbia Webpage before applying.

For More Information,

Visit the Program Webpage for Details

Please create an account and log in after reading the following conditions. Make sure to click on EVERY submit button on subsequent screens to finish the application! 

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