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“If You Must  Answer ‘His Excellency’, The Process Through Which You Arrive At The Office Must Be Excellent” —Peter Obi

The Presidential Candidate Of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi has just addressed the press over his stance on the just concluded 2023 general election.

He expressed his disappointment over the decision of the Independence National Electoral Commission Saying that Labour Party won in the election and it was clearly manipulated as unimpeachable evidences are here to justify his statements.

He said, I will challenge this rascality for the future of Nigeria. I have always like following processes. A school wrote me to award me a professor but I refused because I have not gone through the process, I have to go through it in order to be a full fledged professor.

A process through which people come into a place is fundamental to what they do after. If we use the wrong process that was used today, what’s the difference between us and the arm robbers and others.

He said, I have not called anyone . We have two main contenders and they are my elder brothers equally old enough to be my father. In all, I am ready to challenge this process to any length.

I have been to the court several times. During my struggle in the gubernatorial election in Anambra State. I came out successfully and reclaimed my mandate without in any way compromising or doing the wrong thing. I have done these things without compromising the work of the judiciary because I believe they are doing their job and they are after the future of their children.

A journalist asked him a question about having a an evidence to challenge the election result. The presidential candidate of Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi replied, thus, I don’t want to answer questions of what I will say in the court on my way to the court, they have asked to me to go to court, and I will go to court.

I am not under any pressure of any form. I am here to challenge misconduct, rascality and irregularity of the electoral process. Nobody can put me under pressure to challenge the process that is faulty and wrong.

He also disclosed that he has not and will not engage any international community unless he is invited by any of other. This is Nigeria problem, I figured it is time to start solving our problems.

I will fight this darkness until day comes out of it. Nigeria need a leader who understands the plights of the people. How can a graduate who I met today complain of not having 75,000 to purchase oven for bakery. This is the Nigeria I want to rebuild. A new Nigeria where everything will be accounted for.
My inspiration comes from daily interaction with young youths , poor masses and experiences of what people pass through in Nigeria. It is a nation I want to rebuild and I will fight till the day comes.

“If You Must  Answer ‘His Excellency’, The Process Through Which You Arrive At The Office Must Be Excellent”, he said.

“I have just finished addressing an international press conference. I urge Nigerians to remain resolute. We won this election and we will prove it to Nigerians. We shall reclaim our mandate via due process.”


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