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Japa Reloaded: Video of College Abroad That Is Free of Charge And Also Pays Students to Study(Watch Video)

A woman shared a video on tiktok of a technical college in Greenland, which is in North America, where she said the education is free of charge.

According to the woman whose handle on tiktok is @qsgreenland, she said that students get paid to study in college. When she interviewed a student named Pele, he said he’s learning to be a blacksmith and that the course duration is four years.

The woman added that despite the fact that the Technical College of Greenland makes learning lucrative, they still don’t have many students.

She speculated that it may be because the residents of the rural areas have always hunted and that schooling is still relatively new to them. Many others are posting questions in the woman’s comment section on how to obtain visas for the nation.

Watch video below:

Free education in Greenland? Day 82 of 100. Music: Sunny, Musician: @iksonmusic #greenland #education #school #blacksmith #mechanic #fee #nuuk #kti

♬ original sound – Q’s Greenland compiled some of the reactions below;

@Bolaji said:

“I’m interested from Nigeria how can I apply.”

@fkay4real said:

“How to get visa? from Nigeria.”

@Abraham V. Tiaquicyl said:

“Is there college scholarship for international students…”

@Jedu’sTech said:

“How can I get scholarships from Nigeria.”

@richeds360 said:

“I am from Jamaica I’d like to know more let me know ASAP.”



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Thank you so much for reading this article; we really do appreciate it. We hope you loved it; if you did, please share this post with your friends via the share buttons below. Sharing is caring.

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