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Subtle Infidels- UdySylva

Surely, infidelity must mean more than physical intimacy with another aside you and I.

It must be infidelity in the way I gaze upon Ikemefuna with respect, admiring his revolutionary mindset,

Engaging in spirited debates about socialization,

And despising the fact that Mama Ada’s Palmwine and Peppersoup Joint is your favorite spot.

I cherish the subtle chuckles he releases while reading pages of books,

And it must be infidelity when I close my eyes and clasp my fingers, wishing upon a shooting star,

Yearning for you to embody his qualities.

On the day I triumphed in a debate tournament, Ikemefuna celebrated with a bottle of wine,

Posting my arguments on noticeboards all around the school,

While you, Kene, casually offered a congratulations, your arms wrapped around Nneoma,

When I achieved first place in the national science quiz, I only received goodwill from others,

But it was for yours that I waited most eagerly, which never came, unlike mine.

I would stand for ninety minutes, cheering you on at all your football leagues,

Waving your team flag and shouting your name,

I sacrificed my study schedule and endured sleepless nights, in a bid to watch you play.

Therefore, it is infidelity when you abandon my happiness,

Failing to nurture my heart.

Each worry line on your face creates a thousand ripples of sorrow in my heart,

And I strive to ease them by delving into your problems.

Yet, you never inquire about my own struggles, or you simply shrug when I share them.

You speak of my wealth and the fortune I possess,

But can’t you see that sometimes, all I need is for you to care for me,

A caring gesture that could be the solution to my troubles?

Kene, on my birth anniversary, Ikemefuna was here,

Knowing that material gifts would fade away with time

He rode me on his bicycle to the fields, where he had crafted swings from bamboo,

As birds chirped and the sun timidly emerged.

Ikemefuna read to me with his melodious voice, while the wind rocked us back and forth,

He continued until the weary sun retired and a smiling moon appeared.

He fed me the last piece of cake with a warm kiss,

And later that evening, I called you, seeking reassurance of your love,

Only to find you fast asleep, snoring softly,

Calling to Nneoma from your sleep, while I listened, tears streaming down my face.

It cannot be infidelity what I feel with Ikemefuna,

But it is what I feel with you,

So let us put an end to this, Kene, for I know Nneoma wishes it too.

By UdySylva

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