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The 15 Worst Colleges in America (by 2023/2024)

The 15 Worst Colleges in America (by 2023/2024)

The United States of America is the land of dreams for the majority of students worldwide. This is because there are so many respectable colleges in the nation. But the fact is that, according to state rankings, there are also some of the worst universities in America.

The United States of America is home to some of the top educational opportunities on the planet. Despite the fact that not only the United States has some of the best universities for students of all ages, higher education institutions are renowned worldwide.The majority of students who study at American institutions and get degrees there travel from all over the world.

I’m sure you might be wondering why we consider some colleges to be the worst. Don’t worry; we will highlight a few reasons why some colleges are not good enough.

What is the worst college in America?

In a word, the worst college is the worst kind of awful school a student could possibly attend. What qualities mark a poor college? The following list is not meant to be exhaustive, and the answer may vary depending on who you ask. even though I’m sure some people may disagree with it. Before ranking the worst universities in America by state, we took into account a number of variables.

The following are the reasons why a college can be considered bad:

  • Unaffordable attendance costs
  • Bad environment
  • Lack of facilities and amenities on campus
  • After graduation, there are few job opportunities.
  • Lack of adequate support services
  • low graduation rate
  • average student debt
  • Insecurity etc.

The list of the worst colleges in America by state continues below.

After stating that there are a number of factors you should examine, let’s go on. Even if we all have different opinions on the matter, some factors to consider are the average student debt, the return on investment over 20 years, the graduation rate, the median beginning pay, the yearly cost, and the institution’s overall rating.

The following list of the ten worst colleges in America is not in any particular order. The fact is that it could be difficult to accurately assess a college’s educational offerings without ever setting foot on their campus or in a classroom. Instead, schools on our list of the worst schools were selected based on a variety of criteria, such as their graduation rate, crime statistics, unfavorable environment, statistical data, etc.

2023-2024: The 15 Worst Colleges in America

1. Lindsey Wilson University

This is one of the worst colleges in America. In 1903, Lindsey Wilson College was established as a private college with ties to the United Methodist Church in Columbia, Kentucky. There are just under 2,600 undergraduates. With a median beginning salary of $38,500 for graduates and an average student debt of $21,000, the average cost of attendance is $34,235. Only 31% of students graduate.

2. Shaw University

Private HBCU Shaw University is a member of the American National Baptist Convention. Its low 17% graduation rate and 32% transfer rate to other universities are both drawbacks.

The campus is too tiny, the cafeteria serves poor food, and some teachers are unsupportive, according to student complaints.

3. The University of Alaska Anchorage in Anchorage

Alaska’s largest public university, the University of Alaska Anchorage, is part of the University of Alaska System. Its poor graduation rate is a result of several of its programs losing their certification.

This institution was included on this list of the worst universities in America as a result of its high annual tuition and subpar academic advisers. Additionally, the cuisine at the residential campus is subpar.

4. Texas College

Texas also emerges as one of the worst college systems in America. A private university connected to the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church is called Texas College. 12.4% is the low graduation rate, and 46% of students stay enrolled.

The majority of students are critical of the financial aid office and its housing.Additionally, graduates’ median earnings after six years are $23,400, and average student debt is $21,620.

5. University of the District of Columbia

The public HBCU University of the District of Columbia is located in Washington, DC. Along with other non-academic educational programs, it provides roughly 81 degree programs.

The school is underfunded, the financial aid office is disorganized, and several professors are absent frequently, according to students. Additionally, it ranks among the worst colleges in the US with a 10% graduation rate that is below average.

6. Mitchell University

A private college in Connecticut, Mitchell College is a member of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). The school’s graduation rate is 41.5%.

Students complain about the staff’s lack of support, pricey food plans, and poor Wi-Fi. Additionally, its academic structure does not allow for a collegiate experience.

7. Yeshivas Novominsk

A small, private Jewish college called Yeshivas Novominsk is located in Brooklyn. One of the least expensive means of receiving a Talmudical Yeshiva education in the US, it was founded in 1988.

There is a problem with this school, though. It is one of the colleges with the lowest graduation rates in the country since the majority of students transfer to other institutions.

8. Grambling State University

A public HBCU college in Louisiana, Grambling State University, offers roughly 56 different degree programs. Despite having several well-known graduates, such as eight-time Mr. Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman, it still has to make certain improvements.

The school is located in a risky region, and students complain that the tuition is growing. It also lacks diversity and doesn’t aid in the job placement of recent graduates.

9. Florida Memorial University

Florida Memorial University

Private HBCU Florida Memorial University is a part of the American Baptist Churches USA and is located in Miami Gardens. It is one of the state’s oldest institutes of higher learning.

Students criticize the school’s high tuition fees, living costs, and subpar cafeteria food. The school’s graduation rate is 32%.

10. University of Montevallo

The University of Montevallo is a public university in Alabama that was established in 1896. Its graduation rate is 49%.

Commuters bemoan the lack of parking and excessive distance between buildings for students. Additionally, there are not many financial assistance choices available, and the cafeteria food is not very outstanding.

The brick roads in Montevallo are another issue raised by students. You don’t want to twist your ankle walking on ancient bricks, even though they are frequently changed. There is no doubt that this university is also one of the worst colleges in America by state.

11. Philander Smith College

The worst college is Phillip Smith.

Located in Arkansas, Philander Smith College is a private liberal arts institution connected to the United Methodist Church. It is one of the least expensive institutions in the state and has fewer than 1,000 students.

Mold can be found in the dormitories because the institution ignores issues that students report. 40% of Philander Smith’s students graduate.

12. Waldorf University

Waldorf University

In Forest City, Iowa, there is a private, for-profit university called Waldorf University. It is linked to Columbia Southern University.

Prior to being sold in 2010, Waldorf was a nonprofit college. The school charges too much, offers insufficient financial aid, and serves average cuisine.

13. Sterling College

In Kansas, there is a 4-year private Christian institution called Sterling College. Cooper Memorial College was its previous name until 1920, when it was changed.

One of the worst freshman retention rates in the country is at this institution. Additionally, it has a $25,000 average student loan burden.

14. Mount Sierra College

Mt. Sierra College, a private, for-profit institution in Monrovia, is among the worst universities in the US. The school’s accrediting commission issued a warning to it in 2018.

With little to no student financial assistance options available, it was too pricey. Additionally, there weren’t enough tutors, and other colleges didn’t accept their BA degrees.

Mt. Sierra College closed in 2019 due to serious financial challenges.

15. Salem University

Salem University, a private for-profit university in West Virginia, is last but certainly not least on this list of the worst universities in America. The Seventh-day Baptist Church started it off.

Wrapping up the worst colleges in America

The information provided on the worst universities in America is subject to change.Because of this, we are unable to guarantee that the data above will be correct when you read it.

However, if necessary, we will continue to update this website on occasion.

In 2005, Salem Education LLC bought the school. Students have voiced problems about the cuisine, unhelpful counselors, and certain instructors who don’t attend online lectures.


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