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UNN Admission: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this page you will get all the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) concerning admission in the University of Nigeria (UNN) and their answers which will be very helpful to you.

Kindly note that this page will be updated regularly in order to answer all the difficult and confusing questions you may have.

Let me know in the comment box below if you have any questions or need further assistance. I would love to hear from you.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) concerning admission in the University of Nigeria (UNN):


Is UNN going to release another admission list?

I was admitted in jamb caps but my name did not appear on the UNN admission office

How much is school fees in UNN?

Can I enter UNN with 160?

Can I put UNN as second choice?

Where will freshers clearance hold in UNN?

The location and venue for freshmen clearance in UNN is the Ekpo Refetory, popularly known as “Ekpo Ref.”
Clearance is usually conducted at Ekpo ref within the first two weeks of resumption. The faculty office for your department will subsequently handle it.
You can always go to your department for clearance if your faculty is on the Nsukka campus.

What documents do I need for UNN hostel clearance

Below are the documents required for hostel clearance at UNN:
Hall levy or identity card receipt
Admission slip
Profile Update Personal Data Form
Screening examination result slip
JAMB admission letter
Credentials (WAEC/NECO or statement of result)
Testimonial (secondary)
Birth certificate
Admission list (print out where your name is)
Local government letter of identification
Letter of attestation
School fee receipt
Hostel allocation slip
Hostel accommodation acceptance and undertaking form
Bio-data (handwritten)
N/B: Arrange the above documents in order and use file tack to fasten the documents.

What can UNN Student Portal Can Do?

Here is the list of what the UNN school/student portal can do:
Post-UTME Registration
Direct entry registration
Check the Post-UTME Screening Result
Check Admission Status
Postgraduate School Application
Check the direct entry screening result.
Pay Acceptance Fee
New Student Profile Creation
Fill out student profile details.
Pay school fees.
Generate a school payment invoice.
Apply for school hostel accommodation.
Create a Student Account
Upload of Documents for First-Year Clearance
Online course registration
Transcript Request
You can actually check results, admission lists, and other academic-related activities in the UNN portal.
Also, for you to login to the UNN Student Portal, you need to have an active email address, a strong password, and a good internet connection. See how to login to the UNN Student Portal below.

How to get the admission notification slip?

1. After creating a profile, just log in to your portal.
2. Click Admissions, then Confirm Admission, enter the required details, and then click Submit.
3. A form will be generated! Your UNN admission notification slip is on it.

How many passports are needed for clearance in UNN?

At least 10 passports are required for clearance in UNN, the passport should be in a red background.

Is UNN Hostel Clearance free?

Those who plan to stay at the school hostel have to pay the UNN hostel fee and partake in the hostel clearance in order to avoid issues with their accommodation.

How much does UNN hostel fee cost?

Male Hostel = ₦20,000
Female Hostel = ₦25,000
Okeke Hostel = ₦35,000
Follow this link to pay for your hostel fee in UNN:

Is UNN Laptop Fee Compulsory?

The UNN laptop fee is not mandatory for first-year students. You can decide to get a laptop through any medium.
Sometimes a laptop is necessary for first-year students, especially those offering GSP courses, because it would make writing and typing term papers less stressful.
There is no need to be worried if you cannot afford a laptop; it’s not compulsory, and you can actually go to any cyber cafe around if you are in need of one.

How to create a UNN student profile on UNN portal?

Here is how to create a student profile on UNN portal 2023:
1. Go to the UNN portal
2. Click on Undergraduate on the Menu bar.
3. Select Create Account
4. Click on New Student
5. Enter your JAMB registration number
6. Click submit to get your UNN student profile login details.
7. Go back to the UNN portal homepage.
8. Log in using the JAMB registration number as username.
9. Enter the password generated.
10. Click on the left menu and select profile.
11. Click on Change Password
12. Enter a new password.
13. Click Save.
UNN Student portal
UNN Student portal

How long will it take to get UNN matriculation number?

It usually takes three days to one week after your clearance to obtain your UNN matriculation number.

How can I check my UNN Matric Number?

Here is how to check your UNN matric number:
1. Go to the UNN student portal
2. Enter your JAMB registration number and password
3. Click on login to access your student portal.
4. Click on profile
5. Select student profile details
6. Scroll down to Program details
7. Check if the JAMB number on the Matric number column has changed to your registration number.
In any case you experience a delay in your matric number, notify your Faculty Officer. If the problem is from your village, notify your pastor for prayers😅.

How to Pay UNN School Fee?

Here is how to pay your school fee in UNN:
1. Go to UNN portal
2. Enter your JAMB registration number and password
3. Click on login to access your dashboard.
4. Select School Fee on the left sidebar
5. Click on Get School Fees Invoice
6. Pay school fees at the bank using the generated Remita RRR number.
7. Go back to the UNN student portal.
8. Select Pay School Fees
9. Enter your Remita RRR number and confirm your school fees payment.
10. Click on Print School Fees

How to Pay UNN Acceptance Fee?

Here is how to pay your acceptance fee in UNN:
1. Go to UNN student portal on your Chrome browser.
2. Enter your JAMB registration number and password.
3. Click on login to access your Student Dashboard.
4. Click on Acceptance
5. Select Get Acceptance Invoice
6. Make payments at the bank using the generated RRR
7. Go back to your portal and click Pay Acceptance Fee
8. Enter your Remita number and click on pay.
9. Select Print Acceptance Letter

What can I do on UNN Student Portal?

You can do many things on UNN student portal, to know more about UNN Student Portal kindly read;

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